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FeelBetter’s Pharmaco-Clinical Intelligence Solution Aids Leumit Health Services in Identifying Senior Patients at Risk of Hospitalization Due to Suboptimal Medication Management

Retrospective Pilot Conducted by Leading Israeli HMO Demonstrates FeelBetter’s Ability to Accurately Predict Avoidable Hospitalizations Related to Polypharmacy Issues in Patients Over 65

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL – June 28, 2022 FeelBetter, the leader in pharmaco-clinical intelligence that optimizes value-based care, today announced the results of a retrospective pilot conducted with Leumit Health Services, one of Israel’s four HMOs and a leading healthcare provider that operates 320 medical centers serving more than 720,000 members across the country.


In more than one of three high-risk, senior patients identified by FeelBetter’s SaaS solution, the Company’s technology accurately predicted those likely to have an avoidable hospitalization within thirty to ninety days due to suboptimal polypharmacy (the simultaneous use of multiple medications to treat diseases and other health conditions). Results of the pilot also showed that FeelBetter’s technology has the potential to aid provider organizations in proactively allocating resources to high-risk patients over the age of 65 and reducing costs by more than $5,000 USD per senior patient.


“FeelBetter’s solution improves teamwork within health systems. It allows clinical pharmacists to play a critical, leading role in assessing overall health status and determining whether prescribed medications are optimally meeting the goals of care and individual patient needs,” said Dr. Avivit Golan, Chief of the Department of Health Care Quality, Medical Division, Leumit Health Services. “Leumit Health Services began using FeelBetter’s technology in the last year and the tool, which organizes medical records in a way that guides clinicians to make focused and better decisions, has optimized preparatory work and care coordination between our doctors and pharmacists.”


Golan added: “Based on the results of our successful pilot, we’re looking forward to expanding Leumit’s adoption of FeelBetter’s solution to include its risk stratification and care guidance capabilities to aid in preventing avoidable hospitalizations associated with suboptimal medication management. We have already seen a significant improvement, exceeding 30 percent, in the efficiency of the pharmacists overseeing medication therapy management for our most complex patients using the patient reports generated by the FeelBetter solution.”


The retrospective study used deidentified patient information from Leumit’s electronic medical records and claims data, encompassing 153,000 managed care patients over the age of 65 with more than one chronic condition who take more than two prescribed medications. Leveraging AI and machine learning capabilities, as well as deep clinical expertise, FeelBetter’s solution synthesized and analyzed the data and – in more than one of three high-risk patients identified – predicted those likely to be hospitalized within thirty to ninety days as a result of polypharmacy issues. Additionally, the pilot, using FeelBetter’s technology, demonstrated that of those at-risk hospitalized patients, 87 percent ultimately experienced meaningful changes in their medication regimens following discharge.


“​​The simultaneous use of multiple medications to treat diseases and other health conditions is common among older adult patients. Without proper, proactive management, it can lead to significant drug reactions and adverse events, poor health outcomes and greatly increase the cost of care for senior patients,” said Liat Primor, FeelBetter’s CEO and Co-Founder. “The results of the pilot we conducted with Leumit represent another important step forward in overcoming polypharmacy challenges, one that validates FeelBetter’s approach in personalizing medication regimens and improving care journeys for patients.”


Yoram Hordan, FeelBetter’s COO, CTO and Co-Founder noted, “FeelBetter’s unique pharmaco-clinical approach, which combines best-practice clinical guidelines with pharmacologic databases as a baseline for our advanced AI models, enables us to provide breakthrough improvements in population health solutions. Our solution precisely predicts patients at risk of hospitalization due to suboptimal polypharmacy, improving identification from one out of 20 when using available medical management tools to one out of three when leveraging FeelBetter’s SaaS solution.”


“We are grateful to our research partners at Leumit,” Hordan added. “Studies such as this retrospective pilot enable FeelBetter to continuously improve our technology’s ability to predict risk and identify the most impactful, proactive and personalized interventions in a scalable way, so that we can help drive the shift to value-based care and evolve population health to meet the needs of patients and their care providers.”


To learn more about FeelBetter, visit www.FeelBetter.Healthcare.


About Leumit Health Services

Established in 1933, Leumit Health Services is a leading healthcare provider in Israel with 320 medical centers throughout the country. The organization’s 2,000 medical specialists deliver the highest quality care to more than 720,000 members, and its advanced laboratory analyzes more than a million tests each month.


About FeelBetter

FeelBetter is the leader in pharmaco-clinical intelligence that drives value-based care, providing the capabilities to optimize medication management throughout the continuum of care. Founded by an interdisciplinary team of clinicians, technologists and healthcare industry veterans, FeelBetter empowers providers with actionable insights to help ensure that the medicines they prescribe are safe and effective. The Company’s SaaS solution synthesizes and analyzes healthcare data from multiple sources to predict which patients over the age of 65 – with multiple chronic conditions and complex medication regimens – have the highest risk of deterioration, hospitalization and incurring financial costs from suboptimal polypharmacy. Powered by AI and machine learning capabilities, FeelBetter’s technology can also be leveraged to identify the need for potential clinical interventions and personalize medication regimens.


Headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel, FeelBetter's investors include FirstTime Ventures, GoodCompany Ventures, Random Forest VC and Triventures.

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