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AI-Powered Platform for

Polypharmacy Patient Management

AI-Powered platform

FeelBetter’s AI-powered platform mitigates the consequences of suboptimal medication management for polypharmacy patients.

From risk stratifying populations to preventing adverse events, our end-to-end platform delivers healthcare organizations precise, personalized, preventive care at the individual and population health levels.

Proven Results


Focuses Clinical Pharmacists on patients in greatest need of intervention

Reduces the burden of near-term preventable hospitalizations 

Improves patient outcomes and pharmaco-clinical quality metrics

Increases clinical pharmacist capacity

Introducing Pharmaco-Clinical Intelligence

Why FeelBetter?

Pharmaco-Clinical Intelligence

We have defined a new category of technology called Pharmaco-Clinical Intelligence. We combine both pharmacy and clinical data with AI capabilities and deep clinical expertise.

20+ Years of Data

We leverage 20+ years of pharmacy and clinical data to build breakthrough risk stratification algorithms.

End-to-End Platform

Our platform goes beyond a single point in time or disease, encompassing both historic and real-time data to evaluate population and patient health holistically, and convey patients' health journeys.

Integrates with Existing Workflows 

We are fully integrated into an organization's existing workflows, seamlessly connecting with both claims data and EMRs, including systems like Epic and PointClickCare.


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In partnering with FeelBetter, we’re taking another step forward in fulfilling our mission. Tackling the tremendous challenges associated with polypharmacy, where patients take multiple medications for multiple chronic diseases and conditions, is critical to improving health outcomes and quality of life, controlling costs, and keeping our senior patients healthy in their homes across our communities for as long as possible.

Thomas Kloos. MD

Vice President, Atlantic Health System and President, Atlantic Accountable Care Organization


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