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About FeelBetter

Our vision:

Our mission:

A world where all healthcare stakeholders proactively apply a personalized and preventive approach to patient care, leveraging clinical and pharmacy data.

To power personalized, value-based care via actionable medication management across the patient journey

Our Co-founders Story

At a certain point in time, each one of us becomes a caregiver; it can be to your newborn child, your elderly parents or your partner.
Today there is so much information available, be it patient-specific health data or continuous new research or new guidance that is published, that it is impossible for the clinician/ caregiver/ patient to always be aware of all that needs to be considered for complex patients’ health decisions.

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Coming from the pharmaceutical and deep high-tech sectors, we were surprised by the gaps in how automation, big data and machine learning are used in other industries compared to how they are implemented in healthcare in general, and specifically in the pharmacology and clinical settings.

In 2018, we decided to establish FeelBetter in order to leverage advanced technology and leading-edge machine learning to empower providers, clinicians, caregivers and patients. 

By providing patient-specific decision-support solutions that can identify those patients that are at-risk and provide insights regarding their gaps in care, we can improve the patient’s wellbeing and their health outcomes.

FeelBetter combines the clinical and pharmacology expertise of our clinical team together with advanced algorithms and machine learning led by our technology team, to create Pharmaco-Clinical Intelligence that has already improved clinicians’ decisions and patient outcomes at scale.

Our employees, investors and board members are a combination of health and technology leaders with balanced representation of both genders.

The Team


Liat Primor

Co-founder and CEO

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Yoram Hordan

Co-founder and COO/ CTO

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Adva Tzuk Onn

Chief Medical Officer

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Rotem Erlich


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Assaf Wolowelsky

Data Expert

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Julian Pani

Software and ML engineer

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Roy Ashcenazi

Senior Software engineer

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Amal Haj Yahya

 Pharm.D Specialist

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Stella Fuchs

 Pharm.D Specialist

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Sofia Rabinovich

 Pharm.D Specialist

On the Board: 


Orli Tori

Board Member

Partner at TriVentures/ ARC

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Muli ben zvi.jpg

Dr. Muli Ben Zvi


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Founding partner Random Forest VC

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Keren Kopilov.png

Keren Kopilov


Partner at Firstime VC

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Eran Lerer


Managing Partner at
Shoni Health Ventures

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Advisory Panel:


Clinical Advisory

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Business Advisory

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Ari Brenner

Business Advisory

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Ezekiel J. Emanuel, MD, PhD

Clinical Advisory

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