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Value-Based Providers and Payors 

FeelBetter: Personalized, Actionable Medication Management

Leveraging insights from two decades of aggregated claims and clinical patient data, FeelBetter delivers pharmaco-clinical intelligence that enables healthcare organizations to proactively identify needed clinical interventions, improve resource allocation, and drive preventive care. 


Our SaaS Solution:

  • Predicts which senior patients will be at highest risk of deterioration, hospitalization, generating financial cost or other high-burden adverse events due to suboptimal medication management 

  • Optimizes and personalizes medication management for providers, arming them with patient-specific recommendations to ensure their patients’ medication regimens are safe, effective, and appropriate 

Recommendations may include stopping unnecessary medications, changing dosing, or adding needed medicines to medication regimens 

  • Maximizes the value of care delivered to patients, tracking the implementation of patient-specific interventions 

Determining whether prescriptions were modified as needed, whether patients actually filled the prescriptions, and whether clinical indicators changed as a result of adjustments to medication regimens 

FeelBetter by the Numbers


20+ years

of clinical and pharmacy data from over


patients in Israel and the US 


Powers patient-specific recommendations with advanced algorithms built on approximately

30 million health encounters

Saves healthcare organizations up to

$15K annually

based on FeelBetter high risk patients

Allows providers to focus on at-risk populations that are

10 times

more likely to require interventions

Reduces time spent on polypharmacy issues by  


Allows providers to proactively identify beneficial clinical interventions after seeing

just 2-3 patients

 compared to the current average rate of 20 patients 

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