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Providers need better solutions for a new era of care

Every year, suboptimal medication gaps cost the US healthcare system
$528.4 billion*

*CTMRx Institute [read more]

Suboptimal medication often leads to:

  • Drug reactions and other adverse events

  • Unnecessary or inappropriate medications

  • Dosing errors

  • Non-adherence

  • Poor health outcomes

  • Hospitalizations

  • Increases in the cost of care


It's time for personalized, actionable medication management

A true precision population health solution

The transition to value-based care is enabling a paradigm shift

By 2030:

  • CMS is targeting 100% transition to value-based care*

  • 70 million Midicare patients will be enrolled in ACOs (vs. 11 million in 2021)

Until recently, medical data was not easily accessible in the US

  • Final rule of the 21st Century Cures Act in 2020

*RevCycle Intelligence Oct 21, 2021  [read more]

Adults who are 65 or older are likely to have multiple chronic conditions and complex medication regimens that can put them at risk

For Providers, polypharmacy challenges are amplified by:

  • Limited bandwidth and time to spend with each patient

  • Single point-in-time view of patients

  • Insights based on pharmacy or clinical data, not both

  • Solutions that focus on disease, not the patient

FeelBetter Precision Population Health pinpoints immediate interventions

  • Leveraging advanced Machine Learning algorithms, FeelBetter synthesizes healthcare data from disparate sources into Pharmaco-Clinical Intelligence that identifies high-risk polypharmacy patients most likely to be hospitalized in the next 30 / 90 days.

  • FeelBetter provides immediate personalized interventions that enable organizations to improve outcomes, reduce costs, and increase quality compliance.

  • FeelBetter guides clinicians to optimal interventions for each patient, allowing them to focus limited resources on the riskiest and costliest.

  • Interoperable with EHR, Population Health and other precision medicine solutions 

Doctor and patient discussing and choosing medication

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