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28 June 2022

FeelBetter’s Pharmaco-Clinical Intelligence Solution Optimizes Medication Management, Driving Value-Based Care

In more than one of three high-risk, senior patients identified by its SaaS solution, FeelBetter accurately predicts those likely to have an avoidable hospitalization within 30-90 days due to suboptimal polypharmacy.

28 June 2022

FeelBetter’s Pharmaco-Clinical Intelligence Solution Aids Leumit Health Services in Identifying Senior Patients at Risk of  Hospitalization Due to Sub-optimal

Medication Management

Retrospective Pilot Conducted by Leading Israeli HMO Demonstrates FeelBetter’s Ability to Accurately Predict Avoidable Hospitalizations Related to Polypharmacy Issues in Patients Over 65

29 June 2022

FeelBetter Launches Study to Evaluate Impact of Technology in Predicting Patients at Risk of Hospitalization Due to Suboptimal Medication Management

Collaboration with Brigham and Women’s Hospital on retrospective analysis to assess FeelBetter’s risk stratification and care guidance capabilities in supporting the management of senior patients prescribed multiple medications