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Value-Based Solutions and Services

FeelBetter enables organizations to overcome the challenges presented by less experienced staff

Using FeelBetter, health organizations can better manage their current staff allocations by identifying the patients at-risk and allocating the right resources at the right time. 

FeelBetter increases the clinician output by at least 30%

By combining Pharmaco-clinical intelligence with advanced machine learning algorithms, FeelBetter optimizes the efficiency of limited care management and pharmacist resources. 

FeelBetter saves time and effort by shortening the time required for clinicians and pharmacists to perform required patient assessments – with a reported impact of over 30% increased efficiency. At the same time, FeelBetter is reinforcing best practices and evidence-based approaches for polypharmacy patients.

Doctor working infront of laptop smiling, windows with grass green environment in the background

Improve patient outcome

Not only effective for time savings, FeelBetter improves the quality of patient outcomes by bringing together all the updated pharmacologic and clinical guidelines relevant for the specific patient. This drives the focus to interventions correlated with a specific patient’s outcomes and provides feedback to the clinician if the recommended actions are expected to reduce the patient risk of hospitalization.


"The system is excellent, it really shortens the preparation time for the patient's meeting by at least 30%"

"The report focuses me on what is important to do and enables me to focus my attention on the patient"

Leumit’s Clinical pharmacists 

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