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Value-Based Providers and Payers 

FeelBetter’s Precision Population Health pinpoints the patients at high risk and the immediate interventions required


1/3 of identified patients are most likely to be hospitalized in the next 90 days

To address the problem of polypharmacy, the healthcare community needs a reliable and practical solution that analyzes not just the top clinical condition groups but also takes into account the entire clinical picture for all patients. It must handle the complexity of aging patients and deliver precision management of costs and risks.

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FeelBetter is a SaaS solution that synthesizes and analyzes all available data from multiple sources and can accurately report which patients are affected most from sub-optimal polypharmacy, are costing the system the most money and are at risk for a preventable hospitalization in the next 90 days. 

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Estimated savings of more than $5,100 per patient annually

FeelBetter delivers outsized value and unsurpassed Pharmaco-clinical intelligence, supported by advanced machine learning algorithms, to empower organizations to uncover opportunities to optimize clinical and financial performance. 

Use of the FeelBetter solution can help patients on multiple medication protocols avoid unnecessary hospitalizations by ensuring medications are appropriately prescribed, discontinued, managed and taken. 

FeelBetter focuses the health organization on the percentile of patients with the greatest financial impact due to avoidable costs and can save more than $5,100 per year per patient.

FeelBetter identifies, stratifies, and guides providers to patient-specific actionable interventions through a structured process:

  • Utilize precise patient engagement via a personalized smart questionnaire – gathering home patient data – home measurements, symptoms, day to day management, medications consumed, etc.

  • Synthesize healthcare data from all sources into one holistic, easy-to-use dynamic report

  • Analyze each patient’s unique longitudinal health journey and identify precise interventions prior to deterioration

  • Deliver insights using the patient’s personalized health journey, based on risk prediction and quality indicators compliance

  • Flag gaps in care and the specific actions needed to address avoidable hospitalization of patients with inappropriate medications

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