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Emerging needs

The overall cost of care related to polypharmacy and its complications is More than $500B a year for the US healthcare

10-30% of elderly hospitalizations are due to drug related issues. 50-80% of the hospitalizations are preventable

Ongoing prescription of multiple medications for a patient is known as polypharmacy. As patients age, the associated risks and mortality from polypharmacy increase. This problem is compounded in the US healthcare system by the expansion of the elderly population and the growing presence of multiple diseases or conditions. With more medications prescribed, the potential for sub-optimal medication prescribing increases.


Precision Population Health Management is needed to address polypharmacy

Population Health Management solutions (PHMs), empowered by electronic health records and claims data, can help to automate the identification of problematic polypharmacy but have experienced several limitations. PHMs have traditionally been disease-specific and without the capacity to target patient-specific interventions to prevent unnecessary hospital use related to polypharmacy.

The transition to Value-Based Models is one of the major shifts in the healthcare industry

As the US healthcare system shifts from fee-for-service to value-based care, there is rising importance to leverage solutions that improve clinical and financial outcomes, reduce costs of care, address quality metrics, and optimize clinical staff resources, particularly during the current shortage of quality healthcare providers.

FeelBetter Precision Population Health pinpoints immediate interventions

  • Leveraging advanced Machine Learning algorithms, FeelBetter synthesizes healthcare data from disparate sources into Pharmaco-Clinical Intelligence that identifies high-risk polypharmacy patients most likely to be hospitalized in the next 30 / 90 days.

  • FeelBetter provides immediate personalized interventions that enable organizations to improve outcomes, reduce costs, and increase quality compliance.

  • FeelBetter guides clinicians to optimal interventions for each patient, allowing them to focus limited resources on the riskiest and costliest.

  • Interoperable with EHR, Population Health and other precision medicine solutions 

Doctor and patient discussing and choosing medication

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